A hospital for life

At SMVS we believe, life matters the most. Escalating the costs, health care is proving prohibitive for a large section of the society. Costs should never become a cause for compromise in service, especially in a crucial sector like health care.

Hospital is well-designed with internationally standardized wards. It will be well-furnished and having a comfort zone for patients as well as their relatives.

ICU will provide best emergency & critical care in the fragile situation of the patient. New born babies will also get best treatment & make a new life for them.

Out Patient Department (OPD) of the hospital will provide the best empathic consultation to the patients regardless the caste, creed and religion.

Hospital reception area would be the heart of the hospital which will share every moment of the patient with emotional touch.

Who We Are

Health & Sanitation
Quality Education
Tribal Welfare
Green Environment
Women Empowerment

" Time doesn't heal wounds.
    it's what you do with time that heals the wounds! "

The world is full of pain and agony, but how we respond to it with pure hearts and virtuous actions, makes the difference.

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SMVS Charities is originated from the Swaminarayan Mandir Vasna Sanstha (SMVS) with a centralized vision of serving the society. SwamiShri Devnandandasji, respectfully addressed as Bapji by his devotees and followers, is the founder and mentor of the organization which was founded in 1987. Multifaceted activities in areas like social, cultural, educational and religious fields are carried out by SMVS under the directions and guidance of Bapji and his successor Swami Satyasankalpdasji, who is respectfully addressed as Swamishri. From a modest beginning in 1987, SMVS has today developed into a multifaceted organization. As an vast thought of spiritual and cultural goal, SMVS has today developed into a huge mass of devotes and volunteers willing to serve the society to the best of their ability in various areas like healthcare, education, social and moral needs, tribal care, and relief work during natural disasters.

Why Choose Us.

To provide global level health care services with zeal and compassion, at highly affordable rates to all the classes and casts of the society, without any discretion.

Great Infrastructure

Word class building with environment friendly infrastructure.

Ultramodern Treatment

Here at SMVS we treat with all new technology and expertise with human touch.

Experienced Doctors

Senior and experienced panel of doctors with the motive to serve the society.

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